$89 – New Students

  • Class Starts at LillyGrove – 8:00AM to 2:00PM
  • Class Starts at Houston ThisIsIt – 9:00AM to 3:00PM
  • Pay the full amount above ($89 per student) and cut your registration time by more than half on the day of class!!
  • Don’t forget to bring valid ID to class!

$29 Deposit – 30 Day Grace Period

$45 Renewal Fee “Class Starts as stated above”


Lilly Grove Baptist Church (Building A – Family Center):

    ♦ Classes are always the LAST SATURDAY of each month

Houston’s This Is It Soul Food Restaurant:
    ♦ Classes are always the 3rd SATURDAY of each month

Private group sessions: Minimum 12 Students “Call for Pricing”

***NOTE: If you use the “Pay Now” button below, please be sure to bring a copy of your receipt with you to class. Thank you!


The applicant must submit:   “All DPS Requirements Below Will Be Provided In Class”

  • A completed application form.
  • Proof of age (at least 21) – valid forms of ID – Texas Drivers’ License, Passports, Proof of Residency, etc.
  • Proof of residency in Texas
  • An affidavit stating that applicant has read and understands the law concerning a license to carry and the laws on use of deadly force and that the applicant fulfills all eligibility requirements.
  • An authorization to access records.


The Department shall issue a license to carry a handgun to an applicant if the applicant meets all the eligibility requirements and submits all the application materials.

Eligibility requirements include no record of felonies, certain misdemeanors, addictions, mental illness or delinquency in child support payments or tax payments.

A person applying for a License To Carry license must successfully complete both the classroom and range components of the handgun proficiency course to receive a handgun proficiency certificate.

The handgun proficiency certificate must be no more than two years old and shall specify if it is valid for a revolver or semi-auto pistol based on the proficiency certificate.

The Department will issue a license to carry only for the categories of firearms listed on the handgun proficiency certificate.

The Department of Public Safety by rule shall establish a procedure for a person who is a legal resident of a state that does not provide for the issuance of a License To Carry license, to obtain a Texas license.

A non-resident applicant is required to pay a fee for the criminal history record check and investigation. Such permits remain valid until expiration and can be renewed until the other state issues a license recognized as a valid license in Texas.

Texas Department of Public Safety

Link To DPS Application Form

Link To Texas DPS LTC FEE Table

An Authorization to Access Records

More DPS Concealed Handgun Links

Fingerprint Locations “This Is A State Requirement”